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Hey there kiddies.   I have a dear friend of mind that who has fell on hard times due to a lot of unfortunate circumstances that has come her way in the past year.   Money has been tight so I thought I would help her out a bit by promoting her talent and her crafts.  She is a lovely artist and does alot of traditional as well as digital commissions.  Her prices are fair and her work is really nice.

  Hazalin+Ira 'Companion Piece' by PoldalleLovesnare  'The WolfCub + Bat' -4Kendra- by PoldalleLovesnare Sho's Pack by PoldalleLovesnare 
She also has a esty store…  that has alot of nice hand made goodies in it.  So if  you were looking to spoil yourself or somebody else with some nice art of your beloved character for instance :P or some cute trinkets then this is your gal.  you can also check out her latest journal which has  a few of her other online stores in it.   poldallelovesnare.deviantart.c…

Val I hope that things will pick up for you very soon my friend.  You are in my prayers.  :hug:
Hey guys how are you all?  I must apologize for being so quite lately on Deviant art.   Since Christmas work has been very busy because a few staff have gone on holidays which means alot more shifts to cover by the rest of us.   And every spare time I have got in between has gone toward my animation.  I have been working on it for over two months now.  Also I will admit that on days when I was just too stuffed to do anything I played a few computer games.  lol Yuppers it is funny that I always have energy for those.  funny thing is that games relax me.  Anyways I hope to have my next animation installment up very soon.  Got all the animating done, but now I just got to add sound and music.  So tonight I am going to try and catch up with your work and comments.

 before I go I just want to show you some lovely pictures I got over Christmas.

first off I would like to show you my sweet picture done by my friend :iconpoldallelovesnare:  of my cute Hazalin as a secret Santa present CharacSS'13-TK2Hazalin by PoldalleLovesnare  She has him dressed in a lovely and colourful outfit.  I had fun studying all the details too.  Thanx Val, you are so imaginative and Hazalin look stunning:hug:
second is this epic Christmas picture of my characters Ira, Hazalin along with Lisa's  pint size drow Xull'rae.  Painted by the talented  :iconsyoshiko:   three's company by SYoshiko  given to me by the ever so generous and inspirational :iconxullraezauviir:  Thanxies Lisa :hug:  this was a fabulous Christmas present.  I just lubs it to bits.

and last of all is this sweet surprise by :iconpoetic-dragon:  who did a picture of Ira in all these awesome outfits  Ira Line-up by Poetic-Dragon  thanx for always suprising me with the pictures you do buddy I really appreciate it.  Also must show this one too.   Hazelin and Ira in trouble by Poetic-Dragon  I really love your take on all the characters from my animation.  Love how you did the orger too.

thanx guys.  take care and I hope to catch up with you soon ish :XD:
Hello all you Deviant Art Kiddywinks. . . Hope all has been well.  It has been a while since I wrote a journal entry so here is a new one with some fresh art that I want to show you all :D
A few years ago my friend Lisa :iconxullraezauviir:
and I collaborated a story together.   I thought it would be fun to see that story fleshed out in comic format, so I asked my extremely talented friend :icondeskleaves:
if she would do some pages for me.   I updated the story slightly in places and also added the mention of Hazalin's love interest Miranda who is seen in the first page. 
<da:thumb id="417963170"/>

:icondeskleaves:  not only draws very unique and interesting pictures but she also sculpts and animates. you gotta check out her gallery.   she has a unique and fun style along with
a big imagination

<da:thumb id="417746190"/>
<da:thumb id="416857784"/>
Thanx for your investment into my silly comic buddy I really appreciate it :hug:  
and here is a comic page from her own story which I am also enjoying
<da:thumb id="359005617"/>

also I apologize for being so quite of late.    December and the months leading up to it, tend to be a busy time for me.
here is a small list of things I would like to get finished before the year is out.

couple of pictures for secret santa hosted by :iconpoldallelovesnare:
enter in another picture to :iconladymerreth: contest
finish animation to chapter 12 
catch up with stories from :icon
XullraeZauviir: and :iconpoetic-dragon:
pimp more commissions  :P
get in contact with a few neglected friends from da and arrange music for animation with :iconbarzhiel:
I think that about covers it.
Anyways, I hope you all a safe and wonderful Christmas.  God bless you all and thank you for your friendship and lovely artwork of 2013.    :hug:  :heart: :heart:

hey there guys, I have been away about a month making some crafts for Christmas.  Great to be back, have abit of catching up to do and thought I would post a journal entry to support a couple of friends of mind aswell.

First of all I want to help out :iconmysticchild: who  directed this hilarious but very important message about not texting while driving.  if she get the most votes she will win a huge scholarship and her commercial will be aired on tv all around America! (Which is amazing because she is studying to be a film director).
I was wondering if you could vote for her video, called "Times Not to Text"   the link is here…  your support will be greatly appreciated.   I will even give you an imaginary cookie for your efforts :D

also another friend of mind :iconjessismith: is working on an amazing  MMORPG project and is looking for talented  concept artists, illustrators, producers, animators, voice actors and musicians to contribute toward this exciting project.  If you think you might be interested, you can find more info here…   more imaginary cookies coming your way if you do.

Cheers kiddies and no doubt I will be catching up with you all soon.
Hey guys once again I am compelled to share with you a very awesome picture of my beloved character Hazelin from my wonderfully talented friend Yerin :iconslugette:   and my generous friend Lisa :iconxullraezauviir: who so kindly commissioned her to paint one of the most realistic and compelling pictures of him I have ever seen.  
[commission] Hazalin by slugette

and now behold my cute little elfy Ira  with his cute little dragon friend I call Noot :D
[commission] Ira by slugette

My friends please visit :iconslugette: and share your thoughts.    also check out her inspirational gallery.  You won't be disappointed especially if you love famous characters like Loki and Dean from Supernatural and Iron man just to name a few.

Also lisa is the owner of the lovey and mysterious Xullrae

A Dangerous Game by XullraeZauviir

she is a fantastic writer so check her out already.

thanx so much guys. . ..Best birthday EVA    :) :) :) :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:
Hey guys it Littlegoblet 'royal snob' here again.  

My friend Lisa :iconxullraezauviir: has written a lovely story for me and I just wanted to show it off to you all.    Of cause it involves Hazelin, Ira and Miranda, Hazelins love interest.  So it was a really fun read and extremely FUNNY story too.    I just love the interactions that went on and seeing how it would all pan out in the end was most exciting.   check it out. Titled Ira's Plan :boogie: Ira's Plan
"I love you my big soft marshmallow . . ." giggled the dark haired woman.
"And I love you too my sweet caramel," cooed Hazelin in reply.
Ira, who watched from the bushes didn't know whether to gag or be hungry with all their lovey dovey food talk.  Blackadel (his trusty steed), blew out a lazy snort a he grazed nearby. The elf hurriedly tried to hush the horse, but to his relief and chagrin Hazelin and Miranda were smooching under their tree!
Hazelin was to meet him in the grove about a mile away, an hour ago! An HOUR ago! And here he was making kissy face with his lovely chocolate covered caramel . . .or whatever! It was indecent. It was rude even!
Ira understood that Miranda was nice, and yes, for a transapien she was quite lovely; with her smooth olive skin that transformed into a lovely bay colored coat when she was in horse form. She had long dark brown mane . . .hair! It was hair! And soft brown eyes. She really made a gorgeous horse. . . .

80,000th Page View by XullraeZauviir  Xullrae  painted by :iconcarlossneak:
Haz-IraCompanionPiece: Haz by PoldalleLovesnare  Hazalin painted by :iconpoldallelovesnare:
Haz-IraCompanionPiece: Ira by PoldalleLovesnare Ira painted by :iconpoldallelovesnare:

 Also she takes commissions so if you want a story written up about your beloved characters then this is the girl to see.  Plus her prices are fair and her quality of work is awesome, you will not be disappointed.  
She has a vast knowledge of drow too for all the Underdark lovers out there.  

Thanxies Lisa for all your hard work :hug:
hey guys well I am sorry for being such a royal snob.   it is a reoccurring problem with me.   I can't do too much at once or else I get burnt out.  So because I got another animation finished I am back. . . . .  for a few days

and now I just want to show off a wonderful picture I got commission for meesa.   

I never get tied of getting pics done of my guys.  Sorry to all who are subjected to it. . . . . . .   Now here's another  one  :D :D :D

behold the awesomeness of :iconpoldallelovesnare: for this beloved picture of Hazalin+Ira 'Companion Piece' by PoldalleLovesnare   Haz-IraCompanionPiece: Ira by PoldalleLovesnare   Haz-IraCompanionPiece: Haz by PoldalleLovesnare

her prices are very reasonable and her talent speaks for herself.  So if you have ever considered getting your own pics done then look no further.

Thanxies Val  worth the wait :hug:  :heart:  :hug:  :boogie:
guys I was looking at some animations when I came across the most cutest things that ever graced my screen.  please have a look but be warned that you don't die from cuteness overdose…
I would love to show off a special treat from my good friend :iconmjrkime: for her awesome version of my comic page.   Redraw for littlegoblet by MjrKime  transformed from the original page 42 of comic by littlegoblet
it was so fun and amusing to see the difference and to see my characters through her eyes.   I love her style and am always impressed with her work.  Thank you buddy for spoiling me with this this picture.  I will treasure it always, plus thanx again for the calender you did for me :hug:  :hug:  :hug:   you are the best :boogie:  :boogie:
Click to add…

Hey there fellow deviants, it has been a while since I updated this journal.  But I just wanted to show off my new Chrissy pressie from my awesome friend :iconxullraezauviir:  
Of my too favorite guys too.   Thanx heaps Lisa :hug:  :boogie:
arn't they just adorable :)

Commission - XullraeZauviir by Gabbi

and thanx to :icongabbi:  for the wonderful work you did of them.
hey guys I have been trying hard to find a nice flash point and click adventure game on da.   There are a tonne of dress up games


what I realy hope to find is a story driven point and click flash adventure. I don't know what to type in the search engine to find such a game.

My fav to date have been the trapped series from Godimations
and steppenwolf… warner brothers.

it is frustrating because I know they are out there.   I neeed inspiration as I am currently working on my own point and click adventure.  I don't care if the animation isn't awsome cause I also enjoyed Phantasy quest…

Hey guys well I was pesently suprised by yet another picture of one of my characters.  this time it was my shapeshifter Hazelin commissioned by my lovely friend :iconxullraezauviir:  and painted by the awsome artist :iconsenekha:  

   Commission: Hazelin by Senekha  

I have never quite seen him like this before so I was blown away.  :boogie:

the reason for such a lovely pic was because I gots DROW of the year for :iconxullraezauviir:  who also has a Xullrae fan club :iconxullraelovers:

Right now she is holding a:
  :bulletred::bulletred::heart:  Valentine's Contest :heart::bulletred::bulletred:
2011 ENDS in 12 Days!…

so if you are up for a challenge why not give it a shot.
thanx Lisa for the lovely pic :hug:  and thanx to your friend who painted him :boogie: :boogie:
hey guys so I am starting to have a real love for the silly da llamas.  But I was curious to know how it all started so I ask around and a nice person lead me onto some neat info.   thanx :iconnamenotrequired:  

from the

from deviant arts founder spyed

Deviants give one another llamas in recognition of anything--a thank you for a nice comment or for general lulz. Getting 10 llamas upgrades subscribers to a super llama, 50 to an albino llama, 500 to a ninja llama and so on until the pinnacle, a golden llama worth 10,000 regular llamas.

"The llamas started as just a fun way to get traffic, but there was also a little bit of how to do virtual currencies right … because people were just haphazardly throwing stuff out there with too many features that nobody needed or wanted to use," Sotira says. "We know it's ridiculous to say, 'Here, I present you with a llama,' but it's part of the culture now. Communities love ridiculous things."

Indeed, llama gifting was frenzied in the first 24 hours after launch. A total of 1.7 million were handed out, and at one point, llamas were trading at around 17 per second. There's real currency at stake, too, says Steve Gonzalez, vice president of business development: The llamas are free, but the llama glasses and bow ties are not.

so if you want a llama give a llama and just to finish this off. . . . . be hypnotized by the llama song  

thanx to :iconvaledhelven:  for making me a fan of silly song  :) :) :)

and before I go I just gotta pimp out a couple of my friends with the latest pics of my charries.

first I would love to thank :iconpoldallelovesnare:  for her gorgeous drawing of my elfy Khyra Khyra Portrait -4littlegoblet- by PoldalleLovesnare
and my friend :iconmjrkime: for her version of my elfy and horse here Gimme some sugar, Khyra by MjrKime

thanx guys I love them :hug:
I was asking a friend how the llama came to be on Deviant art. I mean I understand they have fella as a mascot but the llama? so random, Does anybody know where the inspiration comes from.

now I leave you with the llama song while you ponder on this question.…

Oh and while you are at it  I recieve and give llamas  :)
OOOhhh nose.   Queensland is being hit again.  this time with the mother of all cyclones.   Please keep us in your prayers that we survive the night.  It will hit hardest at about 11.00 pm tonight.

Just to give you an idea of how big it is,  it is bigger then cyclone katrina.  the eye of it is bigger then the cyclone Tracey that took Dawin in the 1974.
I gotta show you some footage of my home town.  we had a flash flood.  this happened about 2 km from where I worked.   My work place was flooded also with water streaming down through the roof pipes.  we had to turn off all or electrical equitment.  It took 1 hour to get home.…

we are all well but the scarey thing is they suspect that there will be more flooding tomorrow but then it should ease off.
Hey guys sorry about my absense in December very busy year for me.

I wish you all a prosperous and safe :new: year :party:

God Bless you all.

A big thanx to Mike :iconeyesadrift: for doing the voices for my animations secret santa Khyra and Nym by littlegoblet Secret Santa Hazelin Damien by littlegoblet
and I would like to show off my friends :iconjessismith: for her awsome animation Blue Christmas Animation by Jessismith  I just love what she had done with this song.  so check it out.

thanx guys I hope to catch up with you again sometime  till then take care

from Goblet.
hey kiddies I just wanted to let you know what I have been up too.

for the past few weeks I have been working on
Skant's adventure intro by littlegoblet  
it is a humorous tale about a drow called Skant.

I would  like to announce that I have my friend :iconjessismith: who is doing the awsome music for the game.   
please check out her work here… have loads of talent so if you want to commission her to do music for your games/animation or other you can get in contact with her on… here on Deviant art

I am very excited to announce that I have my very first voice actor to help me bring this to life  :iconeyesadrift:
he is new to Deviant art but has been on Newgrounds for a while. Please view his page to check out one of his works called you've won.  He plays bucktooth.  oh and there is swearing just incase you are sensitive to that.…:

but then you got to check him out on Newgrounds
and  his BC series.  Halirious.…
oh and here is his latest work in Final Destination…

last of all, if you know anybody looking for a male voice actor then please mention him to them  thanxies for your time
Hey guys well I guess some of you by now have played my game demo (Quest for cure)  one thing I have noticed is that my file size is rather big.  I think this is due to the way I programe which is very sad and wrong lol.

so when I finish the demo I am going to teach myself the propper way to program and experiment with a new game called Skants adventure.

Skants adventure is about a male drow who lives in the slums as a classical violinest.    When he gets the sack from his boss he thinks he is out of luck when a supprise announcent is made that a elf princess is holding a contest for owners who have the most unusual and rarest of pets.  It just so happens that Skant has a pet slime.  so he believes he is in for chance and journies to the surface to try his luck at winning the prize money aswell as wooing the princess.  However things don't go directly as planned and Skant runs into alot of suprizes along the way.  A tifling that looks like Valen and a vampire mistress just to name a few.

This is only a short game and animation will be very limited.  I hope it will be humorous too.  I plan to start it hopefuly toward the end of the year.  Providing I learn alot from this and I hope I do, I then will apply my knowledge to my first love (Quest for cure)

Also in the next month I plan to make some arts and crafts so I will be abit quite on the net but do not fear, I plan to check in on you guys from time to time and comment on your works.   cheers kiddies till then take care :)
Hey guys my Good friend :iconjessismith: along with her good friend lol has started out a great new art and music site.  so if you want to spread your work around the world wide web then what are you waiting for !!!

check them out today here

I am already a member.  So look me up.  cheers kiddies :XD: